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Each year, we run multiple LIFE Training programme to equip participants to recognize signs of suicidal ideation and positively engage person who might be having thoughts of suicide, and connect them with community resources for suicide intervention.

Only donation to CFL’s campaign [Caring in Community] is applicable to dollar-for-dollar matching under the Enhanced Fund-Raising Programme by Tote Board. This is applicable till 31 Mar 2023. 

Only donations to CFL’s account is eligible for 1-for-1 matching. 

Otherwise, all other donations to Caring for Life will be considered as [General Donation] and will not be eligble for Tote Board Matching Grant.


This is the right time to donate, as all donations now to CFL’s [Caring in Community] campaign will receive dollar-for-dollar matching. By donating to this campaign, you are supporting community members to attend our training and raising awareness of the stigma towards suicide.

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Club HEAL President Dr Radiah’s thoughts about Caring for Life’s training.

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If you have any queries giving the giving of donations, including clarifications to donation methods, please email alexyeo@caringforlifesg and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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