Our Programme Objective

  • Recognize warning signs

  • Listen for individuals’ feelings and thoughts of suicide

  • Ask directly if individuals are having suicidal ideation

  • Connect at-risk individuals to trained professionals for help

“Being able to calmly talk to him and even respect his thoughts of suicide and understand why he wanted to die made him feel not rejected. Then I was able to identify the problems that caused him to lose hope in living, map out a realistic plan to help overcome each of these problems and make him feel it could actually be done, which made him think of living again.”

Dr Alex Su, CFL Advisor

Vice Chairman, Medical Board (Clinical Quality) / Chief, Recovery Care / Senior Consultant (IMH)

CFL LIFE Training is a half-day (4-hour) training programme that equips participants to recognize signs and positively engage persons who might be having thoughts of suicide, and connect them with community resources for suicide intervention.

It stresses safety in engaging conversations that foster open talk to address suicide.

Why Choose Us? 

Professional Trainers

Our course is conducted by counsellors and facilitators who are trained by Caring for Life staff.

Any questions/sharing regarding your own experience is welcomed during the session.

Endorsed and Funded by Government

Caring for Life is recognized and funded by the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) as one of the suicide prevention non-profit organizations in Singapore.

Our LIFE Training course is free for all to attend.

Multiple options available

You can either join one of our existing sessions, or cater one for your organization. Depending on your preference, we can conduct our sessions in a classroom setting or via zoom.

Contact us to make your first arrangement.

Want to know more?

We welcome all interested participants or organizations, both public and private who are interested to learn more and participate in this cause.

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