CFL Comic Strip

A picture’s worth a thousand words.

CFL will be publishing a new comic strip every month to bring important suicide prevention messages to you in a personable way . We hope that through our comics you will be able to understand the suicide landscape and what you can do as one of our community carers.

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An article on why the community is key to suicide prevention.

Support. Understanding. Hope. These are some words that those contemplating suicide hope to find.

All this takes a collective effort, the commitment of multiple stakeholders and institutions, and the shared understanding that suicide prevention will be possible when the community works together. We can save our loved ones and people who mean much to us, before it is too late. 

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ST article: Mental health advocate sets up charity to guide community in suicide prevention


“Mr Chua, board chairman of the charity, said: “The intention of CFL is not to duplicate the existing services in this area. Where we fit in is in the early intervention and prevention category, where a lot more can be done.”

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Journey of a suicide attempt survivor

The Suicide Attempt Survivor (SAS) is a youth actively involved in suicide prevention work. She is sharing her story in the hopes that it will inspire anyone who might be facing similar experiences. As someone who managed to find the light at the end of the tunnel, she hopes that the reader might find their version of happiness and solace as well. By sharing her story, she is empowered to build a better life for herself and wishes for the reader to do the same for themselves as well.


Covid 19 shed light on different suicide risk factors

Covid 19 has shed light on the impact of different suicide risk factors, and how these risk factors can destroy lives if left unattended by professionals. While it is unclear on how many suicide cases are linked to effect of Covid 19, there has been a spike in the number of people calling the crisis hotlines. Ironically, from the past LIFE trainings conducted by Caring for Life, the community still has some misconceptions about suicide.

Are there some misconceptions you may have?  

Showing Care through Empathic Listening in Suicide Prevention

 Is it a simple or difficult thing to do?

“Empathic listening” (also called active listening or reflective listening) is often taught by experts as a structured listening and question process. We understand that it is useful for supporting an emotionally distressed person, we find it hard to include those right sentences or words into our own conversation because it was never part of our habit to speak like this.

Are there some practical tips we can apply to practice empathic listening? 

Journey of a suicide loss survivor

The Suicide Loss Survivor is a primary school teacher residing in Singapore. CFL is grateful to have the opportunity to speak with her and learn about her survivor experience. She hopes that her story will be able to provide a glimmer of hope for anyone who may facing similar issues. At the same time, she would like to encourage anyone with a story to come forward to share it, as a tool for self -empowerment and community building.

The love that lives.

Caring for the person with suicidal thoughts : What you want vs What they want

Hearing them disclose that they are having suicidal thoughts can be a very traumatizing and confusing experience. However, standing in the persons shoes, do they really want to answer a truckload of questions about suicide and their thoughts as well?

In this article, we discuss challenges and solutions when caring for a person having suicidal thoughts. 

Do you have a personal story to share with us?

If you have a personal testimony or experience supporting someone struggling with suicidal ideation, we would like to hear from you.

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