“Being able to calmly talk to him and even respect his thoughts of suicide and understand why he wanted to die made him feel not rejected. Then I was able to identify the problems that caused him to lose hope in living, map out a realistic plan to help overcome each of these problems and make him feel it could actually be done, which made him think of living again.”

Dr Su Hsin Chuan Alex

Vice Chairman, Medical Board (Clinical Quality) / Chief, Recovery Care / Senior Consultant (IMH)

Dr Su Hsin Chuan Alex

Chief of Recovery Care and Clinical Director of Care Transformation Office(IMH) 

During an interview in 2015, Dr Su recalled a patient who went into depression after her daughter’s suicide while the rest of the family somehow managed to get on with their lives. This, says Dr Su, showed how people heal at different pace. He added that the mother was still having psychotherapy and medication treatment two years after the traumatic event.

Since getting his M Med (Psych) (Singapore) in 1998, Dr Su has been contributing tirelessly to the mental health sector. He has helped many psychiatric patients, including those struggling with suicidal ideations, and spoke in different events to address the importance of mental wellness. As a recognition to his work, he received The Public Administration Medal (Bronze) from the Prime Minister’s Office Singapore on 2019.

(Dr. Kwon Kim, Khoo Yi Feng, Belinda Lau, Neil Humphreys, Dr. Alex Su and Norman Tan during event WeWork x Esquire Singapore: A Piece of Mindfollowing October’s Piece of Mind issue and Podcast on male suicide, depression and mental health at Esquire Singapore during World Mental Health Day 2019. Photo credit: Esquiresg.com

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