Do you know what to do if someone
tells you he/she has suicidal thoughts?

Can you identify the telltale signs if
someone wants to act on these thoughts?


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CFL Comic Strip

A picture’s worth a thousand words.

CFL will be publishing a new comic strip every month to bring important suicide prevention messages to you in a personable way . We hope that through our comics you will be able to understand the suicide landscape and what you can do as one of our community carers.

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New articles in CFL blog page

– What is empathic listening and why do we apply it?

– Is there a difference between what a person with suicidal thoughts want verus what we want for him/her? 

– What is the role of the community in suicide prevention? 

Check out CFL blog page as we publish new articles monthly. Do contact us if you are interested to volunteer as one of our writers. 

Caring for Life Featured on The Straits Times

The Straits Times has featured us on 8 March, sharing about our Founder’s story, and what we do. 

“Mr Chua, who serves as the board chairman of the charity, said: “The intention of CFL is not to duplicate the existing services in this area. Where we fit in is in the early intervention and prevention category, where a lot more can be done.”

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Welcome Dr Alex Su as CFL Advisor!

We welcome Dr Alex Su, Vice Chairman Medical Board in IMH, as CFL Advisor. His years of experience in the medical field and suicidality field is an asset for the team.



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All donation to CFL is applicable to dollar-for-dollar matching under the Enhanced Fund-Raising Programme by Tote Board. This is applicable till 31 Mar 2021.  

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Do you know what Caring For Life Logo stands for?

Our beautiful logo is designed by our volunteer. She explained: “The plant leaf in the logo signifies life, and the delicateness of life. Green is used because it is symbolic of regeneration which we see each Spring.” 

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If you have a personal testimony or experience supporting someone struggling with suicidal ideation, we would like to hear from you.


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Participants Feedback

CfL is an amazing team. What they do actually saves life. I have seen their passion and dedication, night or day, when they train and when they intervene in situations where all else give up.

The CfL training is amazing. In half a day it makes a ton of a difference…and creates a cycle of ‘pay it forward’.

Keep up the great work Caring for Life team!!!🤗👏👏👏👏

Akash, participant of multiple Deutsche Bank LIFE Training Workshop

Managing Director and Associate General Counsel, Deusche Bank AG

<The workshop> helps me to better understand how to broach the difficult topic of suicide, recognise that bring the issue out in the open is helpful. and to understand the process of supporting someone with suicide ideation.

Carol, participant of 9 Nov 20 SG Families LIFE Training Workshop

Co-founder, SGFamilies (a ground-up movement for parents, by parents, to raise wholesome generations together)

CFL provided a very genuine and hearfelt training for us to recognized the warning signs of a potential contacts that may succumb to suicide.

Alot of learnings and very real scenarios picked up! A Well-done workshop!👍🏼

Philp, participant of 3 Dec 20 Public Run LIFE Training Workshop

Attending the LIFE training with CFL is an eye-opener for me! The dedication of Dr Sally and her team of trainers and volunteers touched the heart of the participants. During the training, we could feel their sincerity in training community carers, so as to build up the capacity of the community and prevent suicide cases together. In the training, we learnt useful acronyms to help us remember what signs and signals to look out for and the steps to care for those who may have suicide intention. Thank you for having such a wonderful curriculum and hope that more people can join us to be trained as a suicide prevention community carer.

Joyder, participant of 19 Dec 20 Sower Institute LIFE Training Workshop

“There is more than 1 suicide per day in Singapore”

The Heartache of Suicide

Each suicide causes unspeakable pain and heartaches, and any suicide is one too many. Caring for Life seeks to empower the community with LIFE skills through collaboration to bring about early suicide ideation identification and support. 

Want to know more?

We welcome all interested participants or organizations, both public and private who are interested to learn more and participate in this cause.

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