Our Story

Losing a loved one to suicide is ranked as one of life’s most painful experiences.

In Singapore, there is more than 1 suicide per day.  Each suicide causes deep loss and heartaches, and any suicide case is one too many. 

If someone tells you about his/her thoughts of suicide, do you know how to react? It is important to know that depending on the types of response received, it may have a large impact on his/her life.  We decided to come together as Caring for Life to learn from the experts, and train the community to handle such situations.

Our Vision

To establish a community approach to early identification of suicide ideation and care, by implementing initiatives, including the development and piloting of a curriculum for suicide prevention.

Caring for Life (CFL) seeks to complement existing suicide prevention provisions, and to build supportive communities who understand the importance of mental wellness resilience, are familiar with early signs of suicide ideation, and know how to link one identified with needs to resources and support available.

Our Mission

To provide upstream training of the wider community with life skills to support early suicide ideation identification and care:

  • Listen and empathize
  • Introduce options to stay alive
  • Facilitate empowerment to live
  • Establish safety plan

Types of people CFL seeks to train include:

  • Caregivers of suicide attempt survivors/those with suicide ideation
  • Grassroot leaders
  • Faith-based organizations
  • Community care providers
  • The general public

Want to know more?

We welcome all interested participants or organizations, both public and private who are interested to learn more and participate in this cause.

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